Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Ohio

Have you recently purchased a boat, or do you have plans to do this? If so, it's essential to know what you're getting into in terms of boat/watercraft insurance. It would benefit you to talk over your options with an experienced agent from Insuran of the Pataskala, OH area.

Is Boat/Watercraft Insurance a Requirement in Ohio?

You're not required to have insurance for your boat or other types of watercrafts in the state of Ohio. Even though this is the case, it's still a good idea to look into getting coverage that fits your specific situation and needs.

Why Should You Have Boat/Watercraft Insurance?

You'd do well to have this type of insurance for several reasons. For one, it offers you protection if either your boat is damaged or someone gets injured on your boat, or as a result of an accident with another watercraft for which you're at fault. Another primary reason to have a boat/watercraft policy is to have coverage if any possessions on your boat are damaged or stolen. You should have evidence of ownership and the value of these items you provide to your agent.

Common Types of Policies

  • Watercraft Physical Damage - This offers you protection in the event of accidental, direct, and sudden watercraft damage.
  • Personal Liability - This provides coverage for property damage and bodily injury of other people when you're considered to be legally responsible.
  • Personal Property - This includes personal property owned by the insured individual or their guests while onboard or carried on or off the watercraft. Some examples are sports and fishing equipment and wearing apparel. It's considered the primary insurance when you have other insurance that applies to a loss.

Secure Your Ideal Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Do you want to find the right boat/watercraft insurance to meet your needs? This can be more of a simple process than you might think. Learn more about this coverage by talking to Insuran of the Pataskala, OH area.