Logo Use Media Policy

By following these guidelines, media outlets can use the company logo in a way that respects the company's brand and legal rights while providing valuable exposure for both the company and the media outlet.

Permission: The use of the company logo must be authorized by the company. Media outlets must seek permission from the company's marketing or legal department before using the company logo.

Guidelines: Media outlets must adhere to the guidelines set by the company for the use of the company logo. These guidelines may include size, color, placement, and background. The logo must be used in a manner that maintains the integrity of the brand.

Proper Attribution: Media outlets must properly attribute the company logo when used. The logo must be accompanied by the company name or a statement indicating that it is a trademark of the company.

Prohibited Uses: The company logo must not be used in a manner that suggests or implies endorsement or sponsorship of a particular product, service, or individual. The logo must not be altered or modified in any way without the prior consent of the company.

Misuse Consequences: Misuse of the company logo may result in legal action, including the issuance of a cease and desist letter or the pursuit of damages.

Termination of Use: The company reserves the right to terminate the use of its logo by media outlets at any time and for any reason.