Commercial Insurance in Ohio

If you operate a business, or you're about to start a company, you'll want to put some careful thought into what you'll need for insurance. This can be a complicated matter, yet it doesn't have to be. You can talk to an expert from an agency such as Insuran of the Pataskala, OH area for more information about commercial insurance.

What Is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance protects your business against risks that can be costly to fix. Small business owners can buy various types of coverage that allow them to compensate for having financial losses. There is a wide range of liabilities that may be covered that include the following:

  • Employee or customer injury
  • Client lawsuits
  • Property damage and theft
  • Unexpected events such as theft and fire
  • Other types of lawsuits

What Are the Common Types of Commercial Insurance?

There are a few common types of commercial insurance policies that you'll want to know about when considering your business needs.

  • Business Owner's Policy - This protects your business against basic risks. It also covers damage that occurs to your company's property.
  • General Liability Insurance - This protects your business when it comes to lawsuits arising from property damage and injuries that involve a client or others who don't work at your company.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance - This covers any injuries or property damage if your company's vehicle has been involved in an accident, as well as theft and certain types of damage to your vehicle.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance - This covers any financial repercussions if there's a cybersecurity threat or a data breach.

Getting Your Commercial Insurance in Ohio

When you need commercial insurance, it's essential to feel confident in making a final decision. This is why it's in your best interest to discuss the specifics of your business with an Insuran agent. Serving the Pataskala, OH area, we're here to meet your needs.