Insurance Tips for Car Buyers

In Central Ohio, car lots are everywhere, giving car buyers thousands of cars to choose from.  A new car or a "new to you" previously owned car is exciting. Some buyers may be first-time drivers, while others have been driving for a while. Either way, you’ve probably spent a significant amount of time deciding which car to buy. But what about car insurance? It can be confusing when purchasing a policy for your new car. However, by following a few tips for car buyers, you can choose your insurance, required by law in Central Ohio, with confidence.

Insurance Tips for Car Buyers

Buy Insurance First

Buying the car first and then buying insurance is frequently a mistake. Some dealers won’t cover the new car once it is purchased and driven off the lot. You may have insurance on a prior car, but don’t assume it covers the new car. Purchasing the car first can result in having a policy that doesn’t cover the new car completely. Then you may have to buy more insurance than planned, causing problems making the car payment.

Understanding Limited Liability

Ohio is a limited liability state. That is, your car insurance will have to meet Ohio laws regarding how much liability you are responsible for. It limits this amount to a lower basic amount covering what will be paid out in an accident. If damage is more than that limited amount included by law, you will have to cover it yourself. Auto insurance agents can suggest options for further liability coverage.

Add the Policy Yourself         

Car dealers rarely add your insurance. So always check and add your policy yourself to avoid driving illegally.

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