Creating a Custom Home Policy with Add-Ons and Riders

At Insuran LLC in Central Ohio, we want you to understand that your homeowner’s insurance comes as a base policy. You can add coverage to it as you need it.

What type of coverage, you ask?

Common Coverage Add-Ons

You can add everything from jewelry coverage to extra liability coverage, a handy item to have if you regularly hold fundraisers or celebrations at your home.

That might sound ostentatious, but it isn’t. Many careers require such events to take place at your home.

  • Children’s or high school sports coach
  • Minister
  • Doctor
  • Schoolteacher
  • Choir or choral director
  • Bandleader

Most of those positions don’t pay a lofty sum, so an accident at their home could easily cost them more than a typical home policy provides. Adding umbrella coverage to your home policy protects your finances.

Jewelry insurance might sound trivial until you purchase your fiancée’s engagement ring. The thousands of dollars it cost would set you back if stolen.

Running a home-based business requires adding a commercial component to your home policy. This bundles the commercial protection of business liability with your home insurance.

A hobbyist policy add-on covers the expensive equipment or materials for your hobby, such as photography or stamp collecting. Without it, you’d only have the typical coverage of home insurance for personal property, which usually provides about ten percent of the home’s value.

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Many other options exist to customize your home policy. While many articles talk about a standard home policy, you should never buy cookie-cutter insurance. Let Insuran LLC in Central Ohio help you customize your home policy.