Why should a Central Ohio property owner get home insurance?

Being a property owner has continued to be a great way for someone to build long-term wealth while also having a consistent place to call home. Those that are looking to purchase a home should also make sure they have the right insurance for it. A typical property owner in the Central Ohio area should have this coverage for various reasons. 

Why Home Insurance?

Cover Dwelling and Personal Assets

A primary reason people here need home insurance is so they can properly cover their dwelling and personal assets. A home purchase is likely the most significant investment that you will ever make. Further, your home will likely contain many personal assets that you use and rely on. Due to this, protecting your assets is very important. One of the best ways to ensure this is done is by getting home insurance, which offers financial support if you do incur a loss.

Manage Liability Risks

It is also important that property owner recognizes and manages their personal liability risks. If you are at fault for an accident that occurs on your property, you can be found liable for any damages that the other party incurred. As these can be significant, having insurance is important. When you get a home insurance plan, you will obtain the liability coverage needed to manage this concern. 

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If you are in the Central Ohio area and own a home, you clearly need to have insurance for it. There are a lot of decisions and options to consider when looking for this coverage and working with Insuran LLC can help you build a quality plan. Insuran LLC will help you understand all of your needs, options, and other factors that can then be used to help build a quality plan. 

Four things not to do when you buy auto insurance

You need to make the right choices and go through all the key steps when you buy insurance coverage for your vehicle in Central Ohio. Our team of insurance experts at Insuran LLC can help you to find the coverage that you’re seeking.

Here are four things not to do when you buy auto insurance:

Putting inaccurate information on your application for auto insurance

Honesty is always the best policy when you purchase insurance from an auto insurance company.

You can count on your insurance company checking your driving record before they sell you an insurance policy. That’s why you shouldn’t try to hide any infractions on your driving record. 

Failing to use the Internet when you’re doing auto insurance research

You can find policy quotes and info about auto insurance on the Internet.

There is plenty of information about auto insurance on the Internet, so you should definitely take advantage of online resources like comparison sites when you’re looking for an auto insurance policy. 

Being uninformed about auto insurance types and options

Auto insurance coverage is a broader insurance category that is made up of various insurance types. These include liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. There are a few other types of coverage in the auto insurance category as well.

Know what your insurance options are so that you’re confident that your policy includes the insurance you want and need. 

Being unaware of deductible amount options

You get to choose from various deductible amount options when you buy auto insurance.

Buying a policy with a low deductible makes it less expensive to file a claim, but more expensive to pay your premium every month. 

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You can rely on us at Insuran LLC to help you get the auto insurance you need in Central Ohio. We’ll be happy to provide you with a policy quote!

Three signs that it’s time you purchased commercial insurance for your fledgling business venture

Carrying the commercial insurance coverage that your business needs are very important. We can provide you with commercial insurance for your business in Central Ohio at Insuran LLC. 

Eventually, you’ll want to purchase commercial insurance for a new business venture. As your young company grows, commercial insurance coverage becomes increasingly important.

The following are three signs that it’s time you purchased commercial insurance for your fledgling business venture:

You’ve started to use a vehicle for business purposes

You need commercial auto insurance if you use a vehicle as part of business operations at your company. It’s not a good idea to use a vehicle that you’re only carrying personal auto insurance on to carry out business operations. 

You’ve hired new staff members

When you have staff members working for your company, you need to meet the workers’ compensation insurance requirements in your state. This means that you should look into commercial insurance if you’ve started hiring. 

Workers’ compensation insurance protects your employees from financial difficulties if they get injured on the job. Workers’ compensation insurance is required for many commercial ventures depending on factors such as how many employees a company has. 

You’ve made a big investment in your company

You should insure any valuable assets of your company. If you’ve recently made a big investment in your company by buying new equipment or a commercial facility, you should insure these assets. Insuring your company’s most valuable assets can help prevent an accident that leads to extensive damage to your assets from shutting down your company. 

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Carefully research your options before you buy commercial insurance in Central Ohio. Call or email us at Insuran LLC to get the information you need to choose the right commercial insurance policy. 

The Benefits of Home Insurance in Central Ohio Without a Mortgage

If you’re a homeowner in Central Ohio, you may wonder whether you need home insurance if you don’t have a mortgage. The answer is no—but there are plenty of good reasons to get it, even if you pay your home off.

Here are just a few benefits of having home insurance:

1. Protect Your Investment

Your home is likely one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make. Home insurance protects that investment in the event of fire, theft, or other covered damages.

2. Peace of Mind

No one wants to think about their home being damaged or destroyed, but it’s essential to have protection in place, just in case. Home insurance gives you peace of mind, knowing that it protects your home and belongings in the event of an unforeseen disaster. Contact Insuran LLC to learn more about our home insurance options.

3. It May Save You Money in the Long Run

If you ever need to make a claim on your home insurance, it could save you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. Home insurance covers the cost of repairs or replacement, so you don’t have to worry about coming up with the money yourself outside of the deductible.

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There are plenty of other reasons to have home insurance, even if you don’t have a mortgage. So if you’re on the fence about whether to get it, be sure to weigh all the benefits before deciding. You may find it’s worth the peace of mind and protection in the long run. Insuran LLC can help you find the right home insurance policy for your needs and budget in Central Ohio. Call us today to get started.

What Are The Common Exclusions In Auto Insurance Policies?

If you’re looking for auto insurance, it’s important to know what is and isn’t covered in your policy. There are several exclusions that are common among auto insurance policies, and it’s important to be aware of them before you sign up.

Here are some of the most common exclusions in auto insurance policies

Mechanical Breakdowns

Auto insurance policies typically exclude coverage for mechanical breakdowns. This means that if your car breaks down and needs repairs, you’ll have to pay for them out of your own pocket. To avoid being caught off guard by this exclusion, it’s a good idea to create a savings fund that you can dip into in case of an emergency.

Wear and Tear

Another common exclusion in auto insurance policies is wear and tear. This refers to the gradual deterioration of your vehicle over time. Since this is something that happens to all cars eventually, most insurers will not cover it. If you want coverage for wear and tear, you may need to purchase a separate policy or rider.


Most auto insurance policies will exclude coverage for any modifications you make to your car. This includes things like aftermarket parts, custom paint jobs, and upgraded stereo systems. If you have modified your car in any way, be sure to check with your insurer to see if you are still covered.


Auto insurance policies will also exclude coverage for any racing activities. This includes both legal and illegal races. If you’re caught racing, your insurer may choose to cancel your policy altogether. You need to consult a professional insurance provider such as Insuran LLC in Central Ohio to see what can be done if you like to race.

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As you can see, there are quite a few exclusions in auto insurance policies. Some of them are more common than others, but all of them are important to be aware of. Insuran LLC in Central Ohio is here to help you make sure that you have the coverage you need and that you understand your policy. Give us a call today! We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Commercial Insurance Options in Central Ohio

There are many types of commercial insurance available in Central Ohio, and it’s overwhelming to figure out what kind of coverage you need. But don’t worry- we’re here to help! Here’s a rundown of some of the most common types of commercial insurance policies:

Property Insurance

Do you have a physical location for your business? If so, you’ll need property insurance to protect your building and contents in case of damage or theft. This policy will also cover any loss of income if your business has to close temporarily due to damage to your property.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects your business from lawsuits alleging that your business caused someone else bodily injury or property damage. If you’re found liable, your liability insurance will cover the cost of the damages and any legal fees.

Product Liability Insurance

If you sell products, you need product liability insurance to protect your business from lawsuits alleging that your products caused someone bodily injury or property damage. If you’re found liable, your product liability insurance will cover the cost of the damages and any legal fees. Your Insuran LLC agent can help you determine the right amount of coverage for your business.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If you have employees, you’re required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance. This type of policy covers medical expenses and lost wages for employees who are injured on the job.

Business Interruption Insurance

If your business has to close temporarily because of a covered event, business interruption insurance will reimburse you for lost income and other expenses, such as rent and employee salaries.

These are just a few of the many types of commercial insurance available in Central Ohio. Contact Insuran LLC to discuss your specific needs and get a tailored insurance policy that’s right for your business.

Creating a Custom Home Policy with Add-Ons and Riders

At Insuran LLC in Central Ohio, we want you to understand that your homeowner’s insurance comes as a base policy. You can add coverage to it as you need it.

What type of coverage, you ask?

Common Coverage Add-Ons

You can add everything from jewelry coverage to extra liability coverage, a handy item to have if you regularly hold fundraisers or celebrations at your home.

That might sound ostentatious, but it isn’t. Many careers require such events to take place at your home.

  • Children’s or high school sports coach
  • Minister
  • Doctor
  • Schoolteacher
  • Choir or choral director
  • Bandleader

Most of those positions don’t pay a lofty sum, so an accident at their home could easily cost them more than a typical home policy provides. Adding umbrella coverage to your home policy protects your finances.

Jewelry insurance might sound trivial until you purchase your fiancée’s engagement ring. The thousands of dollars it cost would set you back if stolen.

Running a home-based business requires adding a commercial component to your home policy. This bundles the commercial protection of business liability with your home insurance.

A hobbyist policy add-on covers the expensive equipment or materials for your hobby, such as photography or stamp collecting. Without it, you’d only have the typical coverage of home insurance for personal property, which usually provides about ten percent of the home’s value.

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Many other options exist to customize your home policy. While many articles talk about a standard home policy, you should never buy cookie-cutter insurance. Let Insuran LLC in Central Ohio help you customize your home policy.

Does My Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover Earthquakes?

Congratulations on getting homeowners insurance. However, if you reside in an earthquake-prone area like Central Ohio, your home might not be as safe as you think. So far, you have likely been assuming that your standard home insurance policy protects against earthquake damage, but that is not the case. 

Direct and Indirect Earthquake Damage

Almost all standard homeowners insurance policies don’t offer coverage for damage to your home that directly results from earthquakes. However, few policies might cover damage to your home indirectly caused by an earthquake, such as fire, breaking glass, explosion, and theft. At Insuran LLC, we recommend purchasing an earthquake insurance coverage to protect your home from earthquake damage fully. 

What Is Earthquake Insurance?

Earthquake insurance is available in three options, dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, and additional living expenses coverage. 

  • Dwelling coverage: This insurance policy covers repairing your home’s structure up to a certain point after it has experienced earthquake damage. This policy features a deductible that can range from 5% to 25%, which the insurer will hold when paying the claim after a loss. Going for a high deductible means lower premiums. 
  • Personal property coverage: As the name suggests, this insurance policy will protect your home furniture, electronics, and other personal belongings damaged or lost because of the earthquake and is limited to between $5,000 and $200,000. You can also buy supplementary breakables insurance to protect things like china, crystal, and glass. 
  • Additional living expenses coverage: You will need to rent a place to leave as your home is being repaired after an earthquake. This earthquake insurance policy is meant to cater for the additional cost of moving, rent, food, storage, laundry, and such expenses. This insurance policy is limited to between $1500 and $100,000. 

Contact us at Insuran LLC, based in Central Ohio, for more information about home insurance and earthquake insurance.

What types of auto insurance coverage can you choose for your vehicle?

Not every vehicle requires the same auto insurance. You have choices when you choose your auto insurance. The state mandates one type of auto insurance and your lender or lessor may require two others. At Insuran LLC in Central Ohio, we personalize your auto insurance for you and your vehicle. We make sure you have the coverage you need from one of the carriers that we have available. 

Types of auto insurance coverage


Liability is the auto insurance that is required by the state of Ohio. The amount that is mandated by the state is 25/50/25. This protects other drivers from you. If you are responsible for the accident, you will have to pay for bodily injury and property damage. The basic is not enough for anyone who has more than a very basic amount of assets. The recommendation is 100/300/100. 


If you cause an accident, your vehicle may also be damaged. As a matter of fact, it may be a total loss. If you have a car loan, you need this coverage; and even if you don’t have a car loan, if your vehicle is relatively new, it is worthwhile to carry this insurance if you count on your vehicle. 


Comprehensive is also required if you have a car loan. It is non-collision damage, usually referred to as damage that is beyond your control. After all, you can’t control the weather. Hail can damage your paint, and heavy winds can send three branches crashing into your vehicle. If your car is stolen or vandalized, this is the insurance that covers it. It also includes glass coverage if you get a stone on your windshield. 

Contact Insuran LLC in Central Ohio to get the personalized service that only an independent insurance agent can give. 

An Intro to Commercial Insurance

In Central Ohio, Insuran LLC serves a variety of businesses that run the gamut from doctors and lawyers to restaurants and retail outlets. Each type of business needs a different insurance policy set. While the insurance industry refers to the insurance a business carries as commercial insurance, that actually encompasses more than 20 policy types.

Custom Commercial Policies

All commercial insurance entails a custom quote because no two businesses need exactly the same insurance. A doctor needs malpractice, while a retail store needs glass insurance. The one thing that all businesses have in common is a need for a business owner’s policy (BOP).

BOP Policies as a Foundation

Every business purchases a BOP because it packages the four most common types of insurance needed in one package for a reduced premium. Your business gets coverage for property damage, liability, named perils, and your business equipment. Some BOPs also throw in business interruption insurance, although most BOPs require this as an add-on.

You can add coverage to the BOP foundation. For example, a ballet studio would add glass insurance to protect the cost of replacing the many mirrors in the studio. A doctor who makes medical devices would carry errors and omissions insurance in addition to the BOP.

Each type of business needs a different set of policies and a different percentage with different levels of coverage. It takes consultation with an insurance agent to determine which of the 20 types of insurance your business needs.

Contact Insuran LLC serving Central Ohio for more information and to set up an appointment for a meeting with one of our insurance agents. We can help you build the custom policy you need for your commercial business.