Three Things You Didn’t Know Your Home Insurance Can Cover in Central Ohio

Home insurance in Central Ohio can do much more than many think. At Insuran LLC, we offer several home insurance options and want homeowners to understand their policies can handle many use cases. Here are a few things home insurance can offer that can sometimes go overlooked.

1. Different Types of Liability

Liability protection doesn’t just help when someone suffers an injury on your property; it can cover several incidents, some of which you may never have considered. Policies differ and depend on your options, but liability coverage can often kick in for things like accidental damage caused by you to someone else’s property. Liability can cover many situations, so look at your policy to see what it offers beyond the basic injury coverage.

2. Coverage Beyond Just the Structure

Your home insurance isn’t just protection for structural damage. Part of what makes a house a home comes from collecting personal belongings in and around the structure. Home insurance can offer a safeguard for all your personal belongings, no matter what they are. Some policies also protect personal belongings, no matter their location.

3. Loss of Access and Use

Your policy may offer you protection from loss of use. If, for some reason, your home becomes uninhabitable because of something your policy covers, you may receive living expenses from your insurer while you wait for repairs. Coverage will depend on the details of your home insurance policy, but it is a type of coverage that’s widely available.

There are other and sometimes even surprising types of coverage available. If you speak with your insurer, you may have access to numerous options you weren’t previously aware of. Insuran LLC offers a variety of home insurance options for homeowners in Central Ohio. Contact us today to learn more about what your home insurance can cover.